Custom Race Manifolds And Systems

A properly designed Manifold can yeild large power gains on any engine, MNR produce a wide range of exhaust solutions from our budget systems, to our full blown Race specification systems.


Budget Systems


We offer a large range of budget systems suitable for front and rear engine cars. These are all made from Stainless Steel and are available to purchase though our dedicated on-line shop. These systems are made predominantly in one piece for quicker manufacture, They are near equal length and feature a 4 into 1 cone type push on collector allowing each exhaust header to be fitted individually allowing small bodywork openings for a neater look. Prices start from £300 for a manifold and collector. Whilst they produce respectable power outputs they are aimed for road use / trackday use and are not suitable for a race specification car. We also can supply the secondary pipework and silencers to suit, all IVA compatible


Race Systems


These are custom made and hand built for each car and feature tapered primaries, hand built merge collectors, and are the ultimate in performance gains. Typically when compared to our budget systems we gain 10% more power and the torque curve is more linear. Prices start from £600 for the primaries and collectors. We can also supply the secondary pipework and silencers both hand made to suit each specification.


Turbo Manifolds


These are custom made and hand built for each car / turbo unit prices start at £450